Why Us

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Through our 35 years in business, technology has changed a lot – yet our goals remain the same. We identify, learn, and support technologies that enable businesses to be more productive and competitive, while helping them to understand and combat potential security risks to precious data and reputation.

We believe IT can do more.


Our Mission

Own IT. That is our motto.

We invest in people, processes, and technologies to create better business results for our clients. We task our team with learning what is important to our clients to ensure the steps we take and the decisions we make are consistent with their expectations. We recognize that rapid response and resolution times are important to our clients. We also believe that preventing these problems is even more important. For every client, our goal is to increase the value IT brings to their business.

Why Us?

MicroMenders was founded as an IT Services Business more than 35 years ago and, to this day, continues to build on our core vision:

Properly managed, aligned with business objectives and sensitive to the people we help - IT can enable business to achieve more.

Business IT, Focused on Business PROFIT:


At the core of your business is your team - your people. We make life easier for everyone through the development of IT Standards that support your business. Your business likely includes key principals and business performers who require expedited attention and have limited time to be part of the process. We understand that, too, and will create white glove procedures specific to their unique needs.

Inherent to any business is a continual barrage of risks. We help our clients understand potential risks to data, productivity and reputation. We develop awareness and planning specific to IT compliance (be it regulatory or contractual). And we promote a structured, periodic review of IT risk - an ever-changing challenge.

Businesses invest in IT to drive business outcomes. We continuously strive to understand and promote actions focused on how IT enables the business mission.

New IT systems, technologies, and solutions are introduced almost daily. Managing your IT investment to the desired outcome requires experienced IT staff, structured processes, and a plan. Our Tier5 Support Framework continues to evolve and improve after more than 15 years. It is core to how we support, improve, and manage IT, while still ensuring alignment with business objectives.

We want everyone on your team to have an awesome 'user experience'. Our team interfaces in a manner respectful of time, availability, and business expectations. We survey every engagement and we review every response to ensure a quality support experience.

IT enables business productivity. Functional IT profoundly enhances staff efficiency; dysfunctional IT has the opposite effect. Yes, it's important to resolve problems quickly - it's even more important to prevent problems in the first place. Time is Money.