IT that supports Non-Profit Organizations

Your non-profit organization faces complex IT challenges.
  • You need to harness technology to reach donors, promote your mission, and solicit funding.
  • You need to protect sensitive data while making it accessible to staff and volunteers.
  • You operate under a limited budget which makes getting the systems and support you need difficult.

At MicroMenders, we realize that your non-profit’s success relies on implementing secure, stable solutions that optimize existing resources and streamline processes within your budget constraints.

For over three decades, MicroMenders has provided Bay Area non-profits with cost-effective solutions that maximize their agency’s outreach. We have the skill and experience to help non-profits make the most of their technology. Our team will make sure you have the tools you need so you can focus on your mission.

Key Solutions for Non-Profit Agencies

Security & Storage

Non-profits process sensitive data involving clients and donors that must be carefully protected and securely stored. Safeguarding that information is critical to keeping you in good standing with regulatory agencies and donors. Implementing a redundant storage system is key to preventing data loss that could derail your continued operations. MicroMenders will identify vulnerabilities in your systems and policies, then design a comprehensive security and storage plan that will keep your data safe and secure.


You rely on your applications to apply for funding, communicate with donors, and support your day-to-day operations. At MicroMenders, we understand that for non-profit agencies, time literally is money, so we work closely with vendors (FundEZ, Blackbaud, ASI, iMIS etc.) on your behalf to optimize and integrate your applications so you can make the most of your limited resources.

24x7x365 Support

You operate under tight time and money constraints, leaving little leeway for network downtime or major issues. MicroMenders proactively monitors and manages your systems to eliminate problems before they impact you. But if one does occur, our service team is available 24x7x365 to provide support, minimize the impact and resolve your issue.


Non-profit budget fluctuations make long-term IT planning seem impossible, but MicroMenders can help. Our Strategy Team works hand-in-hand with your organization to design a flexible IT plan that can be adjusted as funds permit. Our approach focuses on optimizing your most impactful resources and processes while identifying key issues to address in the future. You work hard to help others, let us work hard to help you.