Financial & Investment

IT Structured for Financial & Investment Firms

Financial and Investment firms operate under a complicated set of technological demands.
  • To serve your clients, you must provide them real-time, secure access to their data on a variety of platforms.
  • To keep your business running smoothly, you require a reliable, secure infrastructure with minimal downtime and up-to-date systems.
  • To stay in compliance with government and industry standards, you must strictly regulate data access, security, and storage.

At MicroMenders, we recognize that the success of your firm depends on meeting and overcoming these complex technology challenges.

We have served financial and investment firms in the Bay Area for over 35 years. We possess the skill and experience required to help you control risk while ensuring regulatory compliance. We recognize that leveraging your technology is crucial to your success and our goal is to provide IT solutions that maximize your ROI. We are the trusted IT partner you need.

Key Solutions for Financial & Investment Firms


In the world of finance, time literally is money; every minute of downtime costs you and your clients. Your reputation, your success, and the stability of your business systems go hand-in-hand. MicroMenders understands how important a reliable, redundant infrastructure is to your firm and we proactively monitor and manage your systems to maximize uptime. If problems do occur, our support team is available 24x7x365 to rapidly resolve them.

Mobile Access

Your team requires on-demand access to complex data and critical applications across multiple platforms. You need the confidence that your systems stay secure while working anywhere and anytime. We help integrate your systems to enable real-time collaboration in a secure, stable infrastructure. We make sure you get what you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

Strategic Investment

Financial and investment firms face unique technology and regulatory challenges that require careful strategy. Optimizing existing technologies and staying ahead of new ones is not just difficult, it is crucial to your firm’s survival and success. You need a partner with the experience to help you take advantage of your technology investments and maximize their ROI. MicroMenders can deliver flexible solutions that meet your needs and improve value.

Security & Protection

Your firm is subject to complex regulations that mandate your systems are secured and updated at all times. Your clients demand 24x7 access to their data across multiple platforms. You are a prime target for cyber attacks and need round the clock protection; security is essential to your success. At MicroMenders, we create multi-layered systems and processes that help significantly reduce vulnerabilities and protect your data. We have you covered with in-depth threat monitoring and an on-call emergency response team that keeps your business securely running.