IT that meets the needs of government organizations


Organizations affiliated with municipal, state, and federal governments have a mountain of regulations to follow when dealing with transmission of data and communication. MicroMenders has extensive experience working with government organizations of all kinds, and we specialize in data security compliance as well as cybersecurity awareness training. We protect citizens’ data while ensuring that our clients achieve and maintain compliance with any pertinent regulations.​​​​​​​

MicroMenders understands that your government organization must fulfill its duties with whatever you are given, so we design our services to provide maximum benefits while staying within a tightly controlled budget. Our expert technicians have experience extracting maximum value from existing technology without requiring heavy upfront investment, and our knowledgeable consultants can create for you a long-term, strategic IT roadmap that makes the most of your IT budget.

Key Solutions for Government Organizations

Data Security and Automated Backups

Few things are more critical than the security of your data. That’s why MicroMenders takes a multilayered approach to cybersecurity that includes top-Tier software and 24x7 network monitoring. To prepare you for any incident, we also implement secure, automated, redundant data backups so your vital information and records are never lost. Of course, all of our solutions meet or exceed government data security compliance requirements

IT Consulting and Budgeting

A large part of what we do at MicroMenders involves getting our clients the solutions they need while staying within firm budgets. Our consultants will help you find a way to address your organization’s needs using cost-effective IT or improving your existing systems. We’ll also assist with developing long-term IT strategies and budgets so you can stay ahead of the curve and provide detailed reports to supervising bodies.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cost-efficiency and network security are essential goals for all government organizations, and a cloud infrastructure from MicroMenders is an effective way to achieve them. Instead of housing your IT infrastructure on an expensive local server that is vulnerable to countless disasters, we’ll build you an efficient and cost-effective cloud system. Your apps and data will be housed in geo-redundant, fortified data centers, accessible from anywhere on any device. Server maintenance and energy costs are all included, so you can save money while increasing security and efficiency.

24x7x365 Support

Whether you operate a federal, state, or local government organization, we know that your community depends on you. To ensure that your services are always available, MicroMenders offers unlimited IT support, 24x7x365. Whenever you need assistance with an IT issue, our experienced support technicians will be there to help. In most cases, we can solve the problem remotely and get you back to full operations in minutes. But if the task requires hands-on expertise, we’ll be there fast so your community is never without your services for long.